How do you get the message across in a language you don’t know?

Global Language Guru specializes in affiliate, social media and corporate content development, translation and management for key niche markets.

GLG’s niche market experts provide clients worldwide with consultation, translation and localization services by native speakers in over 25 core languages. Every member of our team has been carefully selected for their skill and expertise in the niche markets that we serve, including the online gaming, online dating and social spaces.

We know that crafting a translation or creating a new text is not enough to get your site ranking where you want it to be. Therefore, our team members are trained in on-page SEO principals including keyword selection and Keyword Density management – helping to give your website texts the boost they need.

Our GLG team members are passionate about the niche markets we serve and strive to stay current with industry trends and market changes, ensuring that your content is always current and on-target.

For your convenience, we’ve listed our 24 core languages below. If you do not see your language represented here, please let us know what languages or localities you’re looking for. Our company structure is agile, allowing us to build a skilled team to support a new language relatively quickly and affordably.

You can also contact us to request a price quote on our Free Quote page. We look forward to working with you to help bring your website to the next level.