Our Services


We don’t just provide you with a translation. Let us know what your goals are and we will provide you with a customized plan to fit your needs.

Global Language Guru specializes in affiliate, social media and corporate content development, translation and management for key niche markets including the online gaming, online dating and social spaces.

Translation and Localization:
GLG provides translation and localization services in over 25 core languages. Our translation team members are all native speakers and are experts in the niche market that they serve. You will not receive ‘literal’ translations from our team – the creation of each translation text is treated as if it were written as an original text in the native language. In this way, our translated texts read with the authenticity and flow of content written by a native speaker – not a translation. This sets our translation services above the rest.

Web Content Creation:
GLG provides top quality web content creation services in English, which can be stand-alone texts or they can be used as the foundation for translations into any of our other 25+ core languages. A quality source text always results in a higher quality translation and our team is here to help ensure that.

We also provide top quality web content creation services in any of our other core languages. We provide a range of content creation services including website content, blog postings, press releases, articles and news items. All of our web content is created using the latest on-page SEO guidelines for optimal success when it comes to getting the best possible search results.

Web Content Editing / Proofreading:
Many of our clients have come to us because their site rankings have dropped due to recent Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. One key reason for this is that websites are now getting penalized for not having ‘high quality’ content. If your website content has been written or translated by non-native speakers or a machine translation tool, it is likely that you’ve been penalized. We can clean up your content and assess your on-page SEO characteristics to help get your rankings back up to where they should be.

Web & Social Content and Management:
Many of our clients have requested that we manage the production of timely content like blog posts, news articles and social media content. We help our clients to maintain a consistent and effective presence on the web, helping you to get more exposure and grow your business.

GLG’s niche market experts provide:

  • Translation & localization by native speakers in over 25 core languages
  • Web content creation, including on-page SEO
  • Web content editing / proofreading
  • Web Content management
  • Social content creation and management
  • Blog postings, press releases, news items & articles